As an east coaster, I look forward to watching this spring tournament from Palm Springs. In this post, I list the reasons why.

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Earworms - Podcast Edition

By Ed Justen • January 21, 2019

Ed reviews the current podcasts he listens to on his daily commute.

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Earworms - Fall/Winter 2018

By Ed Justen • December 15, 2018

This is what I've been listening to lately.

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Ed recently celebrated his 20th year as a resident of New England. He reflects on some his accomplishments.

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My Spring Earworms

By Ed Justen • April 29, 2018

Leaning in to ukulele slayers and acoustic bands, these are the artists that have caught my ear over the last few months. Includes YouTube links to Taimane, James Hill, and Reina Del Cid.

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