Ed Justen By Ed Justen • March 26, 2017

Three ways to upgrade your life today.

uke_wall.jpgLooking for a few easy ways to make a change? Following are a few suggestions to clear clutter, organize better, and learn something new. Do one or do all three, it really doesn’t matter, but accomplishing any one of these tasks will give you a fresh perspective on your current existence without spending an outrageous amount of money or time investment. Good luck!
Edit, Edit, Edit - Pick something, your closet, the garage, a shelf, the kitchen cupboards, your desk, papers or books, and get rid of anything your haven’t touched or looked at in the last six months. Be ruthless in your editing. Did you write it in college? Digitize it or toss it. Haven’t worn it in six months (a year for seasonal items)? Doesn’t quite fit right but maybe someday it will? Donate to one of those yellow boxes at the local strip mall. Is it too big to handle yourself? Call 1-800-Got-Junk. Got a catchall junk room? Toss everything and make it your own little spa area. If you haven’t touched it in six months, chances are good you won’t in the next six months. You’ll be surprised at how much you won’t miss this stuff once it’s gone. Need some clutter clearing  inspiration? Try this, this , this, and this. Tip- Change of seasons are a great time to edit closets. If I haven’t worn it during the season just ended, it’s gone. 
Purchase wood hangers for everything in your closet - Wood hangers look great in your closet, make your clothes look great while they’re in the closet, and helps hanging items keep their shape so they look great when you decide to wear them. Even if you choose not to edit your closet at this point, this inexpensive upgrade will improve the look of your closets and clothes by miles.  Looking for wooden hangers? Try Target, Ikea, or Amazon
Tip- If you decide to edit your closet, use this opportunity to transfer you hanging clothes from wire/plastic to wood hangers 
Buy a ukulele. Learn to play it. - The ukulele has fast become one of the most popular instruments in America. You can buy one for $50 - $100 then head over to YouTube for hours of free video lessons. Because of its small shape, the uke doesn’t take up much space, and isn’t loud, so you can practice almost anytime, anywhere (including in front of the TV), at any hour. And when I say learn to play it,  I don’t mean you have to become a master like Jake. Instead download this pdf from this great website and get your learn on. Learning to play music requires different ways of thinking and exercises different muscles of the brain. Music theory hasn’t changed in 500 years, so as you are learning chord patterns and rhythms you can be confident your are using the same techniques used by Chuck Berry, Scott Joplin, George Gershwin, Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach. (And if you do buy a uke, but end up not playing it, it makes for a great wall decoration.)  Tip- Got kids? The uke is a great instrument for any age from toddler on up, and excellent for kindergarten to 2nd grade. Give your kids a head start on music with some easy ukelele lessons.